Zombocalypse 3 Unblocked

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Zombocalypse 3 unblocked

Zombocalypse 3 Unblocked

People talk about zombies almost everywhere, in social media, on the street. You might have a feeling that the already occupied our world or are close to that. Fortunately, they still only exist in fiction books, movies and games. We will talk about ones that are in the games. To be more specific, the ones that appear in Zombocalypse 3 Unblocked.
This 3rd person action game is one of the brightest representatives of the zombie genre. Here you become the hero of humanity as only you are on the first line of defense. However, you are not completely alone. Backup team is ready to help at your call.


After a small into you jump into the action. You have to control two sides where the zombies come from. Of course, you do not have to fight them with your bare hands. That would have been very amusing, though. Machete was chosen an a default weapon. So even after firing all the ammo, you will be able to fight back with your steel friend. Various interesting weapons are waiting for you. They are ready to help you destroy walking corpses.

The name of the game itself tells that it is almost identical to the original Zombocalypse. All the kill combos, weapons, power ups are the same. “What is the difference then?”, you might ask. Well, I would better leave it in secret. Play Zombocalypse 3 Unblocked¬†with all your attention and you will definitely notice it. But please do not brag about it in the comments, so the rest of players will not lose interest.

You can find out about kill combos, power-ups, and weapons on Zombocalypse page. However, I will write the controls here as well.
W and D or Left and Right arrow keys – Move
An or Up arrow key – Use for calling in the backup. Can be used after reaching at least 25 kill combo.
S or Down arrow key – Pick up the box with weapons and power-ups.
Shift – Pause game.

Cheat codes

To use these codes you have to pause the game and click on the red skull. Fill in the blank with desired code and enjoy.

Zombocalypse 3 unblocked

Valkyrie: Heli comes for help.
Pantheon: Unleash God’s Hand. In other words, ultimate machete that kills with one stab.
Rambo: Want minigun? Then get it.
Doom: Get the mega super ultimate MFG.
I Am Legend: Kill meter starts with 3000 zombies, but you receive 0 xp after that round.
Adrenaline: HP refill.
Super Saiyan: You are awarded with 3000 xp. Usable once in game.

Note that all codes, except the last one, can be used once per round.



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