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Zombocalypse 2

Did all the chores, played your beloved games, but you still feel bored? Remember your childhood and try out some flash games. As you are reading this, I can tell that you found a good place to visit while surfing the world wide web. Zombocalypse 2 unblocked will defeat the boredom and make you feel happy again.

zombocalypse 2 unblocked After killing all the zombies in previous part of the game, new challenge awaits you. This time they come back even stronger, so if you thought that part 1 was too easy then this part is made exactly for you. Well, you might ask whether this is the only change in the second part or not. Of course, no. The changelog is pretty big. First of all, the graphics got a huge buff. Everything seems much more realistic than before, so big shout out to the graphic design team of the game. Secondly, there are 3 different maps instead of just one. Thirdly, weaponry got replenished with brand new guns and malee weapons. Besides, you can upgrade each of them using coins( you earn them by killing zombies).

Furthermore, they added 11 new killcombos. Yes, 11 brand new ones. Unfortunately, they are locked at the begging and you gave to gain levels in order to unlock them. Also you can only equip 3 of them, not all at once. Oh, almost forgot, they added perks into the game. They will make this extremely hard game a little bit easier.

Zombocalypse 2 Unblocked


Controls of the game are classic: Only arrow keys and space bar are needed. However, for those who prefer to play using letter keys, game developers made an exception. W, A, S and D keys are also included in controls, as well as P for pausing the game when you have to answer the phone call or go to the restroom.

All in all, the game definitely got harder in 2nd part, but this is the only con, though some of you might think it’s rather a pro. Everything else, such as graphics, weapons and killcombos have got improved. So we 100% recommend this game to you and your friends.

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