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Zombie Trailer Park unblocked

Well, I do not know why people became so obsessed with zombies, but the fact is that the number of movies, stories and games about them is increasing in an extraordinary speed. This is 3rd game about them on our website, as well. If one day those brain lovers become real, we will be ready, because we know about them more that about any other living creature. So this game is one more drill for you.

Gameplayzombie trailer park unblocked

Zombie Trailer Park unblocked is not the only one in this genre. There are many games like this, such as, widely known, Age of War, so if you know and love that game, then you will feel the same about this game. For those who are new to this, I will explain. There are 2 bases: friendly and enemy base. Your soldiers must kill the opponents who stand in front of them and get to their, so to say, headquarters and destroy it completely. Fight goes on until one of the bases is fully demolished. You earn 50$ every 5 seconds and must be careful with that money, because one wrong decision in the beginning may ruin everything. Of course you can increase income by buying specific power-up for 500$, however, number of time you can buy it is limited.

Another thing to know is that you start with single character unlocked and you need to buy upgrades in order to unlock the others. There are 4 stages to pass. Each one takes about 10 minutes to complete. They become harder and harder, so the developers added 3 Yee-Haw powers to make it a bit easier for unexperienced players to get through them. However, only one is available in stage 1, two are usable in stage 2 and the massacre arrives in level 3. Way to earn those Yee-Haw points is simple: do what you have to do – Kill Zombies. These are the basics you need to know, the rest is left for you. Enjoy the game and tell your friends about it and find out who is the best strategist. Also compete with other players by posting a screenshot in the comment section.



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