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About Zombocalypse unblocked

On 21 December 2012 people expected the end of the world, but as you can see it did not happen. However, something else has happened – The Zombie Apocalypse and our game – Zombocalypse unblocked is right about that. You are a soldier who was given a mission to kill all zombies. If they come too close, you will lose health. Most of the time you are on your own, but upon achieving a certain amount of kill combos backup will arrive:
25 kill-combo – Missle Strike (Call in 1 rocket strike on target position).
50 kill-combo – Air Strike (Drops 3 bombs in the direction you were facing when activated it).
100 kill-combo – Attack Chopper (Call in an Apache helicopter which provides cover fire for 5 seconds).

You start the game with a machete in your hand, but do not worry, different firearms will continue to drop every time. Those weapons have limited amount of bullets so use every single shot wisely. When you are out of ammo, a good old machete will help. Also remember that while having equipped one gun, picking up another one will discard that one, so after wasting all of your bullets in your new weapon, the machete will be the only thing in your hands. But if you pick up the same weapon, ammo will be refilled. Different power-ups can also drop so be attentive.
After so much talking it is time to get known to the controls:
Left/Right arrow keys or W and D – Move
Up arrow key or A – Call in backup after reaching at least 25 kill combo
Down arrow key or S – Pickup box
Shift – Pause


Well, it’s important to have a pet as well with whom you can pass time. Also, you will have a good company. But most of the pet for example dog want to share with your bed. It’s better to have dog’s own bed so that it can take rest on its reserve place.

Zombocalypse unblocked Cheats

zombocalypseThere are 3 types of zombies: Normal, Fast and the one with big amount of health. Upon leveling up, you will open different skins for your character, as well as new backgrounds. 20 achievements are included in the game to keep you motivated for a long time. Do not ease off, complete them all!

For those who are still reading this, we have a surprise gift. Sit tight on your chairs and get ready. This game has 7 cheat codes and we will tell you them. Yes, you heard it right, the cheat codes. Many flash games have their cheats and zombocalypse unblocked is not an exception. For activation press “Shift” to pause the game and then click red skull on the right hand side. Write the code in the special field and press activate. The list of codes and their effect is down below:

Doom: The cheat code makes your hands meet the ultimate MFG, yet it can be used only once as a part of each round.
Pantheon: Activates God’s Hand – Machete with super damage. Available only once per round.
I Am Legend: Count starts with 3000 zombies, but the price you pay for this is too high. You will get 0 xp after the round.
Valkyrie: Call in a Heli.
Rambo: This code equips you with the mini gun. Usable only once per round.
Adrenaline: Use this cheat code in order to refill your health. As always, usable only once in each round.
Super Saiyan: Perfect head start. Receive 3000 xp however, you can use it not once in every round, as the other ones, but once in whole game. Read more about hacked unblocked games here

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If you liked the game do not forget to check out the zombocalypse 2 which is also available on our website.
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